Friday, June 29, 2012

Washington, D.C.

I love D.C.  I don't love traffic, but I LOVE Washington, D.C.  The fact that my sister gets to walk around and enjoy D.C. every day on her lunch break makes me a little bit jealous (until I think about all the commuting she does to GET to D.C. each day... and then I get over it) :-) 
Even though it sounds borderline crazy, we took the kids to D.C. this morning ... and then met up with Aunt Julianne for lunch.  The kids loved it even more than I imagined.  We only spent a few hours, but it was perfect.  Here are some pictures from our day.  
There really was no better place to grow up than "right outside" this amazing city!
Some people wait their whole life to see what I've been blessed to see and experience all throughout my growing up life.  

On our way into the city ...
Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument

Never gets old ...

Proof that Chase was at the Washington Monument, too ... even though he slept through this phase :-)

Love this picture ... just wish I could hear their conversation :-)


After the Washington Monument, we went over to the Natural History Museum.  I thought the boys would enjoy seeing some of the fossils, but I couldn't have prepared myself for HOW MUCH they loved this Museum.  It was a HUGE hit!!!  They were basically in awe .... 

Standing underneath the T-Rex ...

and checking one more time to make sure it isn't really alive :-)

We had to take a picture of "Miss" Ashleigh's favorite dinosaur ...

I love this picture of the boys taking it all in :-)

Even Chase was like, "What the Heck?  This is pretty cool!"

Mommy's favorite :-)

Chase taking it all in ....

The Capitol ... on a pretty historic day in D.C., actually.  

After a little "sight seeing," Aunt Jul met up with us for lunch and took us to a yummy burger and milkshake joint before we all headed back in order to "beat" rush hour traffic.  
Thanks to Mom and Dad for willingly going into DC with the boys and me :-)  Next time, we will hit up Air and Space Museum, WW2 Memorial, and Metro.  Wonder if we have time for that before we leave for California ;-)  


melissaraineri said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time! :) And I can't believe you already had time to blog about it!!! You are awesome!

Allison Ashinhurst said...

It was 4:15am... I was holding chase up after feeding him for about 15 minutes. I have to find something to do to keep myself awake- ha :-). It was a good day...and thankfully not as brutally hot as it is today!