Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We brought Daddy home some Chick-Fil-A....but Jake carted around the bag and the trash until bedtime.  He just couldn't get enough Chick-Fil-A.  AND....I must let Aunt Katy know that thankfully Jake ate ALL of his nuggets tonight, soooo - I'm thinking we can make a Chick-Fil-A fan out of him yet :-) 

A little bit of Park

After having some fun with the sidewalk chalk, we met a friend at the park in downtown Beaufort.  The weather was absolutely PERFECT today, so it made for an especially great time.  Jake enjoyed the swings, going down the slides, watching other kids run around...and definitely playing with the wood chips (that make up the park ground) :-)  He had a BLAST....and the only thing that made him excited about leaving....is that we were going to Chick-Fil-A for dinner :-)

Sidewalk Chalk

Jake and I played with some sidewalk chalk today....fun times.  We wrote a couple of shout-outs in the driveway:

Here is our other shout-out!
As much as Jake liked the chalk, he preferred picking up leaves and playing with the hose handle :-)
BUT - he also wanted to cart around ALL the chalk at the same time.  Silly, precious boy....

Driving Around in my Automobile...

After helping mess around with the pressure washer, Jake wanted to drive Daddy's truck.  He didn't like it as much when we put the seat belt on him - but he DEFINITELY liked beeping the horn.  Good thing most of our neighbors weren't home :-)  

Mr. Helpful

Jake continues to be Mr. Helpful!  He still wants to help do the laundry, load the dishwasher, put clean sheets on the bed....and last week he wanted to dust while I was dusting (I just gave him the swiffer handle without the duster)....and then this past weekend, he wanted to help Daddy use his new pressure washer.  You can see him holding the instructions...just in case Daddy couldn't figure it out :-)  Jake just doesn't seem to want to help pick up his toys, though.  Hmmmm?!?!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Before Bedtime FUN

We are lucky that Jake "settles down" for bedtime quickly.  The reason being is because Chris doesn't get home too much before his bedtime, usually, so it's really hard to expect "quiet down time" before bed, b/c Jake wants to PLAY hard with Daddy :-)  This video is post-bath and pre-bedtime.  It is a regular routine after bath.  Chris starts throwing the towel at Jake, Jake runs away laughing hysterically, and then runs the towel back to Chris for him to throw some more.  The things that amuse a 20-month old :-)  I just love watching how excited Jake gets when Daddy comes home!  It is one of those major joys in life.  

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mizu Steakhouse

We went with some friends on Friday night to a Japanese Steakhouse.  It was very delicious - and Jake enjoyed watching the man cook right in front of him.  He liked the fire, the steam, definitely the chopsticks (if you can't tell....he stabbed at the food the whole meal), the onion volcano, and he especially thought it was funny when the guy pretended to squirt the ketchup in his face!  Oh, and he DEFINITELY liked the steak and chicken - and the soup.  Come to think about it...it was Jake's first time having steak.  I wish I could have gotten some better pictures, but this will have to do!  

Time to Go...

Jake has started bringing my shoes to me when he's ready to go outside.  OR....when I put his clothes on him in the morning, he goes straight for the door for the shoes - hoping that it means we are going to go outside and either play...or run errands.  This weekend, not only did he try to bring me my shoes, but when I didn't put them on - he decided HE would....and then he walked around the house with them on for about 15 minutes :-)  I tried to help him wear flip-flops the correct way, but he liked his way better....imagine that?!  

Random Thoughts for Today...

1.  The milk kiss that Jake gave me on the cheek this morning started my day off perfectly...and will make up for a Redskins loss (if that happens, but it shouldn't)...

2.  I love the sound of FOOTBALL on all weekend - college on Saturdays and pro on Sundays!  It is music to my ears.

3.  Why has Jake been walking around with my starbucks cup, his toothbrush, toothpaste, and a block - and won't let go of any of it- for the past 20 minutes - seriously?  What is going through his head?!

4.  My sister is Mrs. Paxson now (exciting - and weird)...and gets home from her honeymoon today.  I wonder if they will webcam with me while they open all of their gifts??! :-)

5.  I'm not sure how my husband gets up in the middle of the night everyday to go to work...and when baby Cole gets here, he probably won't be able to snooze for 45 minutes with 2 alarms ;-)

6.  Would Jake rather watch ESPN countdown or the NFL Fox Sunday pre-game show?

7.  Chris is obviously at work today (hence the random blog while Jake and I are hanging out).

8.  I don't get to watch football today with my husband - or my Dad...that stinks!

9.  I am drinking a vanilla chai from Starbucks - only my 4th since I've been pregnant - and it's to die for!  

10.  Since we got back from VA, Jake hasn't gotten out of his crib before 8am each morning!  How awesome is that!  

11.  What did we do before tivo?  I mean, really?!

12.  Why are the squirrels in Beaufort NOT afraid of humans?  They will come up to our front door and just stand there like they want in - and won't run away even when I'm banging on the door, so that they will get off the front porch!  

13.  I am starting to decorate for fall, and I love it (but it's hard when it's still so muggy and humid here)!  Plus, it's hard putting out a lot of my decorations, b/c of this 20 month old that lives here :-)  

14.  I made chili last night to eat while watching the football games.  Jake LOVED it - and couldn't get enough of it, so....I think it will be a staple this fall/winter.  

15.  Why do the Redskins make the DUMBEST PENALTIES ever???????  Grrrr.  

16.  Why are you still reading my random thoughts - and why am I still typing them??

Friday, September 18, 2009


This may be one of those videos that only grandparents and aunts are excited about seeing :-)  My mom bought Jake a Noah's Ark set that she had for him at her house - and he loved it so much over the past couple of weeks that I asked if we could just take it with us!!  It has been such a GREAT learning tool, though, too.  Jake now knows the giraffe, zebra, hippo, kangaroo (and knows it goes "hop hop"), and lion.  We are still learning leopard...and he gets elephant right most of the time.  His favorite is the giraffe....and he likes the zebra, too!  Anyway, so he may not say a lot of words - YET, but he sure is understanding what we are saying, and it's really cool watching him process all of these things in his head.  Here we are working on it today...

Guitar Playing...

Chris bought a guitar a few months back on ebay (just a $50 guitar), b/c he is wanting to learn how to play....in his "free-time" (haha)!  Anyway, my guess is that JAKE is going to teach himself how to play before Chris :-)  Here is Jake playing some tunes (and singing) this morning, but unfortunately, my memory card ran out right at the beginning, so....I only got about 5 seconds...it's still hilarious!  (oh, and sorry mom...I hadn't made my bed - ooops)!! :-)  

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, we are now back home....and getting back into normal routine.  We got back on Tuesday around noon (I left at 4am - ouch, but it was worth it when I was pulling in the driveway at 12:15pm)!!  Yesterday was full of errands to the commissary and doctor's appointment.  Jake is enjoying being back home - and after playing with some of his toys, he ran right to his "jake-sized" chair :-)  This morning he slept until about 8:15am!!!!!  I went in a couple times to check on him - just to make sure he was still BREATHING - I was shocked he was sleeping so late!  Yesterday after his nap - and this morning....he played in his crib for about 15-20 minutes after I went in there....I think he is enjoying being back in his own bed (don't we all after being away from home)?!  The only hard adjustment back has been when putting him down for naps/bedtime.  Usually, we do the routine - and I put him in his crib - and he goes to sleep on his own, but since we were gone for almost 3 weeks - he doesn't go down by himself when we are away from home (which is understandable), but he has been crying when I leave the room, which is painful to me, but usually it has only lasts 5-7 minutes.  It's always good to be home - but we had such a great time with family and friends in VA.  Today.....well, I'll probably start the laundry and cleaning process (boooo) - which is probably why you are reading a boring blog right now, b/c I'm totally procrastinating the inevitable :-)  No time like the present, though.....(i guess)!

Jake with Papa Dee and the horses

On Monday (the last day we were in VA), we spent most of the day relaxing.....and while we were outside, Jake was able to "hang out" with the neighbor's horses.  Jake loved all of our morning walks around Mimi and Papa Dee's neighborhood, b/c there are horses all over the place.  The horses right across the street usually would run up to the fence when we would be passing by.  Unfortunately, I had to run in and grab my camera, so I missed all over the waving by Jake and coughing of the horses (which Jake totally laughed at)...but he was enjoying being able to see them.  We couldn't really let him down, though, b/c he would have figured out a way to climb through the fence :-)  The last picture is of Jake playing with Papa Dee in the yard.  Jake was barefoot - and he wanted so bad to go into the driveway, but the pebbles hurt his feet, but his reaction was so funny....as he kept trying to step down - hoping and thinking that it wouldn't hurt :-)  Then, he would hurry back onto the grass.  It became more of a game for him....

A couple more Wedding Pictures...

Thanks to a couple of E-mails from Becky and Laura...I got a few more wedding pictures that I am adding to the blog.  I got one of Matt and Jul dancing.....then there's one of Jake not happy about getting into his suit (like most men, I imagine), but then Jake is on the dance floor with Chris dancing the night away, and there is a picture of the house where they got married (after it was already dark), and the last one is of a tired Jake on the shoulder of Mimi..... :-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cake Cutting...

Matt made the right choice...and didn't smash the cake! :-)  I'm sure that is making their honeymoon much more enjoyable!!  It was a REALLY fun night!  We missed all of the family and friends that weren't able to be there, and I just want to THANK all the family and friends who traveled out of town - and locally to make it to the wedding.  It was so good to see everyone and have everyone there celebrating Julianne and Matt - and I hope you know how much it meant to all of us to have you all there!!  It's not too often that you have all of your family and friends in the same place at the same time - and I treasure those moments (just always wish there was more time)!!  CONGRATULATIONS JULIANNE AND MATT!! :-)  We know you will have a wonderful life together - enjoy the adventure!!

Let the FUN begin...

I didn't get a shot of Matt and Jul's first dance, b/c the bridal party had just been announced, and I didn't have my camera on me yet....Here are some other shots from the reception, though!  (YES, that is my mom and dad and in-laws dancing - crazy kids)!! :-)

The Ceremony

Dad escorting Mom down the aisle
Jul and Dad....(i love this picture)!

The VOWS....