Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!

Well, there is LOTS and LOTS to write about - and LOTS of pictures and videos to share from Christmas and a fun time in VA, but I wanted to first of all post the most EXCITING news of the past week (drum roll please): Jul got engaged!!! Yep, Matt proposed - and she said yes! Here are some pictures of the happy couple, the beautiful ring, and the happy sister! The story of the evening is very romantic.....We are really excited and happy for them -CONGRATULATIONS!! :-) Now, let the planning begin...

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Jake loves peek-a-boo. Don't most kids? BUT, the funny part lately is that Jake not only enjoys other people playing it with him, but he plays, too!! This is him playing with Aunt Jul this morning - and I got the camera out a little too late, b/c he had been playing for a while with her, so this is just the tail end, but it's TOO CUTE!!

Merry Christmas to US :-)

So, Chris and I decided this Christmas that we weren't going to buy each other any gifts, but that we were going to enjoy a NICE dinner out! We actually haven't been out together just the 2 of us since he got back from Iraq (with the exception of running a few errands), and we've only been out twice together since Jake was born (granted Chris has been gone 7 out of those 11 months), BUT last night we enjoyed our NIGHT OUT TOGETHER!!! It was lots of fun. We got all dressed up and went to The Melting Pot for a nice, long dinner - just the 2 of us!! Then, we did some Christmas shopping for Jake, which was lots of fun, too! We decided on all of the toys WE would like to play with - and figured Jake would enjoy them, too :-) haha! So, Merry Christmas to us - just spending some time together was the best present!!

Look what Mimi got Jake for Christmas....

JUST KIDDING! But, how crazy is it that this deer was right up next to the house and she actually turned around and posed for a PICTURE!!!!!! Then, ran off.

Fun with the Joneses

Our good friends the Joneses came over to hang out with Jake on Friday afternoon/evening! Jul and Matt came later for dinner, so it was a fun evening out in "The Grove." :-) Unfortunately, I can't share too many funny stories, because "what happens in the Grove, stays in the Grove", but here are a few pictures....

I'm not sure who looks more comfortable!
Little game of peek-a-boo....
You know you're good friends when you read the paper together!

Old Toys become New Toys

When we left Mimi and Papa Dee's house back in October, this exersaucer was one of Jake's favorite toys. He has been enjoying it now, too - just in different ways :-) It has been fun to watch him explore old toys as new toys!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


While the family sang Happy Birthday to Aunt Katy (as you will get to experience by watching the video in the next day or two...my computer is being too slow tonight), Jake just kept drinking his bottle and was a little bit confused?! :-) We were REALLY happy to be able to be here and celebrate Katy's 22nd birthday with her! WHAT A FUN NIGHT! We hope you had an extra special day Katy! We love you!!

What's on your mind?

Crazy kids....

Christmas PJs ALL day!

Jake busted out the Christmas PJs that Gram bought him....and wore them ALL day long. Those are the best type of days....when you can stay in your PJs all day, so Jake did just that! He enjoyed spending some quality time with Aunt Katy while Chris and I ran some errands. Jake is getting all ready for Santa to come visit him in a few short days.... :-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Rocking Chair

This just happens to be the SAME rocking chair that Chris would use and sit in when he was Jake's age. Now, Jake has enjoyed sitting in it while at Gram and Poppy's house. Funny how things come full circle.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Road Trip

Well, when we left SC yesterday, we had about a 7.5 hour trip to VA....and then another 3 hours this morning to Stafford. Jake had to endure another 11 hour car ride between 2 days, but he really did WELL....again. I know he is thinking that this is "life" for him, but pretty soon, our travelling adventures will be over. I caught Daddy and Jake in the backseat messing around during one of our morning stops :-)

Morning Cup of Coffee

Daddy and Jake drinking their morning "jump start."

Music to my ears!

I'm pretty sure there is no better sound...I could listen to him laugh alllll day long!

Furniture arrives!

Sorry that I have been on a blogging hiatus! There has been a lot going on since we last blogged. Gram and Poppy came to visit us - and they were great enough to camp out on air mattresses in the house (since we didn't have our furniture yet)! The camping is over now, though, b/c our furniture arrived on Wednesday!! Jake, of course, enjoyed having more things to explore and crawl around, under, and through :-) We put the beds and tables together and unpacked a few boxes and I did LOTS AND LOTS of laundry - and then we left on Friday to go to see some of Chris's friends from the Academy that we hadn't seen for about 4 years, so it was really good to see Craig and Dean and meet Maribeth and Bonnie (their wives that we hadn't met, b/c Chris was deployed for both of their weddings....go figure)! Now, today we are in Stafford - and met Mimi and Papa Dee and Aunt Jul for brunch and then were able to surprise Aunt Becky and Aunt Katy! They thought we were going to be getting here tomorrow, but we came a day early, so needless to say - it was a fun surprise. Aunt Jenn doesn't really know yet, either, so I guess we will be surprising her at church in the morning :-) Jake has had a very exciting day....and I'm pretty sure Jake is going to be having a very exciting Christmas!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Top Ten

Okay, I don't do a whole lot of typing on this thing, but since I'm the least experienced with the whole driving across the country, taking care of the baby stuff...I figured I'd come up with 'Chris' Top Ten Lessons Learned' from over the last few weeks. Most will have to do with what I've learned about being a father to our awesome ten-month old, but some are just about everyday life. I dont have any cool pictures, so for those of you who only look at the pics...you can stop reading now.
10. You can only blame that smell on the baby so many times before Mom stops believing you.
9. Mommy is much better at changing diapers than Daddy. I guess that means she should just do them all...right???
8. Goofy dances are miracle workers...not that I...Chris Ashinhurst, the Marine would uh....
7. Mom's are allowed to be frustrated with the kid's fussing, Dad's have to be patient...double standard if you ask me.
6. Nap time is not just a necessity for the baby, but a blessing from God.
5. The Pak n' Play needs to have more explicit instructions for assembly.
4. What Mommy says goes...I'm sure there is a chapter in the Gospels about that.
3. No matter how much money you spend on toys...a wad of paper and a cardboard box are amazing.
2. Mommy is AMAZING.
And the number 1 thing I've learned...
1. Jake is the man. I know everyone thinks their kid is the smartest and the strongest and the most advanced, b/c at 8 months old they can say 'blaghgheor' better than other 8 month olds...and I'm pretty sure Jake is just an average ten-month old...but he's such a blessing in every single way. Not that I didnt know that before I left for Iraq...but its been reinforced day after day since I've been back.

For now...Word.

New Crib

We wanted to share some pictures with y'all of our our new home in Beaufort, South Carolina. The house is located on Lady's Island, just across the Beaufort River from Downtown Beaufort and about 15 minutes from MCRD Parris Island. In the pictures, you can see the front of the house, the back of the house (with the screened in porch), the pond in the backyard, and the road we live on. We expect many of you to come and visit over the next few years (but with 2 months notice and written consent of all three parties dwelling here and since Jake can't write yet...well, looks like your out of luck....just kidding). We will definitely be making sure everyone has our new address soon. And since we live in South Carolina, and have to be all southern hospitable and all...come on by.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers for safety for us driving across country and for the ease in being able to find a house to rent once we got here!!


This was Jake's reaction as we entered Beaufort, SC and then Parris Island :-) He has since livened up! We made it here safely and have found a house to rent on Lady's Island (which is an island right next to Parris Island). Apparently, there are approximately 66 islands in Beaufort. Crazy! Also, I have seen several CAUTION: Alligator signs! Thankfully, our house has a fence around it! :-) Beaufort is completely different from 29 Palms. We are excited to experience all that is here! Everyone is invited to come experience it with us!


Sometimes the crawling around in the hotel room just didn't cut it for Jake, so we let him "loose" in the hallway!! Now that....THAT was liberating for him!! *(Note: for those of you who know me well....know that letting Jake crawl all around a hotel just grosses me out and you are probably surprised to see this, BUT it's truly amazing the things that are "okay" when you are travelling across country with a 10 month old)!!*

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jake wanted to say....

PEEK A BOOOOO Aunt Becky and Aunt Jenn!!!!!!
Happy Happy 25th Birthdayyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys had a GREAT day today. It was fun seeing you on the webcam, and I can't wait to SEE YOU in person soon!!!!! We were thinking about you today!!! We LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!

Kodak Moment

Good thing I was awake to capture this picture on camera!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The things I do....

This act...... Resulted in happy Jake :-)

I can't even begin to tell you the things I did to make Jake smile after being in his car seat for 6 days! I wish I could document them all for your viewing pleasure, BECAUSE......balancing an elephant on my head was ONLY the beginning :-)

The Po-Po in Amarillo

I'm very proud of Chris. He was driving fast enough to get PULLED OVER by the po-po in Amarillo, TX. We had just been talking about what good time we were making when the cop went OVER the grassy median to pull Chris over! Chris was only going like 79mph in a 70mph zone. Of course, all throughout Arizona and New Mexico, the speed limit was 75-80mph, so it's just really hard to keep track :-) BUT, fortunately the cop was very cool and just gave us a warning, but he wrote it up, so of course I had to blog about it!

Big Jake's

I know you can't make out the restaurant name behind Jake, but it was called Big Jake's, so it was obviously a picture opportunity (like we really need any more, right?). This was somewhere in Arkansas.

The More the Merrier....

Usually.....as long as all of the hotel rooms have mirrors....Jake is happy! He thoroughly enjoys looking at himself. :-)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy 24th Birthday Aunt Jul

"Sweet-ums" (as my sister calls him) wanted to wish Aunt Julianne a VERY HAPPY Birthday!!!!!! We are thinking about you today.....and Jake specifically is sending this SMILE to you! :-) Have a really GREAT Birthday!! We can't wait to see you soon!! We love you!!

Snack (then nap) time!

A little snack....and then the best part (for mommy, aka. entertainer) NAPTIME :-) Actually, Jake has been a lot of fun to play with, too...and really hasn't fussed too much for having a cold (and for just doing this drive a month ago)! We've been having a good time in the backseat. Daddy won't let Mommy drive, so I'm pulling out all of the entertainment stops!

Biggest Cross in Western Hemisphere

So, this is the biggest cross in the Western Hemisphere. I need to google where the biggest cross in the world would be then? Just one of the "random" facts that you find out when you drive across country. We aren't really sure the story behind it (how big it is, why someone built it, etc).....but, by reading the signs on the highway, it is the biggest. It is located somewhere outside of Amarillo, TX. I just wanted to make sure that the readers of this blog learn something every once in a while, too :-) The picture of Chris and Jake....not sure where that was taken, but Jake was loving being out of the car....that's all I know. It gets harder and harder each day to put him back in the car seat when we make stops!!