Saturday, September 15, 2012

My 3 Boys...

All Things CHASE.

Just because I've been doing a horrible job posting pictures of my handsome little man, doesn't mean I'm still not snapping away :-)  He smiles so much ... he is rolling over now ... and he likes to "fight" with the bird on his play mat :-)  He CONSTANTLY watches his brothers.  He pretty much always knows what they are doing.  It's obvious he can't wait to join in on the fun.  
So, here are some pictures of Chase over the past couple of weeks.  He changes more every day!!  The one thing NOT changing (so far) are his BLUE EYES.  I'm really hoping he keeps those killer eyes!

He's so happy.  Such a good baby!!!

I couldn't get him to look at ME, because he was watching his brothers (probably wrestle) ... and he wouldn't look away from them :-)

Always getting kisses from his brothers :-)

So in love!

Don't you just LOVE his eyes?!!!!!  Just like his Daddy!!!

(ignore this ... i'll post videos soon)

Love the hair standing straight up!

Already moving OFF the play mat.

Now that he can roll on his belly ... he loves it.  And maybe a thumb sucker?!  Hoping not.  Although it's so super cute :-)

FIRST day of Pre-K

Gosh, Jake has already been in school now for 3 weeks.  I'm behind!! :-)  It's hard to believe that this time next year, he will be in Kindergarten.  What in the world?!  
This is now his 3rd preschool in his 2 years of preschool life :-)  He's such a trooper - and thankfully such a people person that he has no trouble making friends.  
Here he is on his 1st day of preschool before we left.  Between Cole and Chase, I wasn't able to get any pictures really in the classroom (it's always crazy the first day anyway), so one of these days, I will.  Promise.
Here's my big boy! 

TRYING for a serious picture, but sometimes not sure why I even bother :-)

The ONLY person with tears on his first day of school was Cole.  Cried all the way home "Jakkke.  Mommy, turn around and pick up Jakkkke.  Jakkkke."
Even 3 weeks later, Cole greets Jake every day at pick up with a great big hug.  

My 3 boys :-)

Here we are in the parking lot, ON time for school.  This is as close as I got to taking a picture of him AT school that day.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 Month Appointment

So, even though Chase is about to be 3 months in a couple of days, we just had his 2 month appointment a week ago (with the moving and all, it was hard to get him in right at 2 months).  We made his doctor appointment a family affair :-)
Chase weighed in at 14.4lbs and 25.5inches (82% and 86%).
The boy is going to be big .... he's already in a lot of 6 month clothes - and loves to eat.
I'm feeling pretty fortunate, too, because he's pretty much sleeping through the night now (although I don't want to jinx this) :-)  
The only problem with the appointment is when Jake overheard the Doctor talking about Chase getting shots, Jake started crying.  We were wondering what was going on ... and Jake said he was really upset that Chase was getting shots - and he didn't want them to give his brother shots :-)  
Of course Jake and Cole weren't in the room for the vaccinations - but it was pretty sweet of Jake looking out for his younger brother.  
Other than that little incident, Chase got a good report ... and not to sound like a broken record, but I really can not believe he is going to be 3 months old in 2 days!

Jake and Cole needed to get all of their measurements, too, of course :-)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Love Overflowing

I'm serious about what I'm about to say.  I could stare at this face all day long!  I'm pretty sure I think every stage is the "most exciting" (well, minus the "terrible twos") ;-)  BUT right now with Chase, we are in that smiling back at your phase and even laughing.  Just when I thought my heart couldn't melt any more!  I'm loving it ... it is just so amazing.  He is just so amazing.  
I hope he knows how much JOY each and every smile brings me. 

This is a 6mo onesie.  What in the world?!

Such a cute outfit, if I do say so myself :-)

Just Chase and me at night .... 

Hanging out at the splash park :-)

Sweet sweet sweet!  

Okay, so he has his moments, too, when he's mad :-)

AND... he already has friends and play dates :-)  

Look at those baby blues!!

Jake loves his brother so much ... and does not like at all when he cries!!!  (so, in this picture he is holding Chase's pacifier in, so he won't cry) :-)

There are some days when they are all just a little more precious when they are sleeping :-) 

There's that smile again !!!!

We borrowed this fan from a friend, but we now have our own green one - perfect for this desert heat!

Chase hanging out with his bud Jack, again!


I'm in love.  Can you tell?