Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bust a Move

This little dance is pretty tame for Jake....but still funny!  Jake is our dancing fool....

First Hair Cut

Soooo.....Jake had his first haircut this past weekend- and it was a homemade haircut (scary)!  Chris cut the hair while I held Jake in my lap.  For some reason, Chris wanted to cut it himself....and he did a pretty good job, actually.  It was just sad seeing all that hair fall to the ground.  Jake definitely needs a little "shape up", but at least the mullet is gone - and it is out of his eyes.  :-)  The craziest part is that Jake stayed STILL the entire time - totally unexpected!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


One of the awesome things about being able to watch Jake day in and day out is seeing how he has really started comprehending things we are saying.  Jake isn't saying specific words yet (although he likes having conversations with us)....like, he won't really say "ball" or "more" or even "mama" (he says dada constantly, though....), BUT he comprehends what those words mean.  I can say, "lets read a book....go grab mommy a book" and he will go grab a book and bring it back to me.  It works the same way with saying to go get a ball.  My favorite is when I ask him where his dog is.  We have this build-a-bear DOG that Chris gave me several years ago - and Jake loves it, so it's "his dog" (and the closest thing he will probably ever get to one....I know, I'm mean....they are just so much work).  This video is cute, though........because when you ask him where his dog is.....he goes and gets it - and I was able to get it on video today :-)  I love this boy!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It must be the outfit

Sooooo.....as I was writing that last post, I see Jake start taking off out of the corner of my eye, so I grabbed the camera again.  He took like 15 steps almost - yay!! :-)  You can see afterwards he is quite proud of himself - and even though he almost left me hanging with a high five (i think he thought I was chasing him).....he did come through with that, too!!  We are going to run errands for a few hours now, though.....so we won't be around to take any more steps until tonight.  Oh, and I hate to say it, but it MAY just be the outfit that brought out the inspiration inside of him to walk.  I'm just sayin.....

Glimpse of Jake walking

First of all, sorry that I can't rotate this.....if you have a laptop, the solution is simple (just turn your laptop)....if you have a desktop, well....bummer!  
Anyway, it has been nice to be able to update you this past week on what all is going on with Jake. Since my last consistent blogging, Jake is all sippy cups and no bottles now (so, he overcame that hurdle), he eats everything....including herb-crusted salmon that we had for dinner the other night (i wasn't quite sure how that could go over - but he loved it)!  I do have to usually hide his vegetables in with other things, though, b/c he's not a huge fan of those.  Jake dances ALL the time - hopefully I can get a good video clip of that (my sister in law Becky has a good one on her blog).  What else is new.....I guess those are the main things - and even though he DOES take steps here and there....he hasn't quite conquered the walking - yet!  BUT, today he has walked more than any other day....probably a total of 15 steps in about 4 different sequences.  You can see from the video - he is just trying to balance out all his weight - he stands by himself all the time, but he just hasn't quite mastered the confidence of taking lots of steps yet.  He is getting there, though.....he just has decided to take his sweet time :-)  Oh, yes...the other milestone - is he is only taking 1 nap as of this week, so that's a sad milestone for me :-)  BUT he seems to be doing pretty well so far.  Oh, and he is great at giving high-fives.  In fact, he has been giving high fives for about 6 weeks now, but a couple of weeks ago at dinner, Chris and I both held up our hands at the same time and said "high five" to Jake, and he kind of looked back and forth at both of us like, "hmmm....how can I make this a win-win situation?" and all of a sudden, he took both of his hands and gave us each a high-five at the SAME TIME.  It was pretty hilarious, cute.....and of course SMART on his part, b/c I don't think he wanted to hurt either of our feelings :-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Thanks

I'm pretty sure that Jake is like, "enough of the videos Mom - it's first thing in the morning!!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Truck

Well, here it is:  Chris's new baby!  Ever since Chris got back from Iraq 6 months ago....we have been talking about getting him a new truck.  With the move and the holidays and then his work schedule, we just haven't been able to go out and do it, but we were finally able to this weekend!  We got a great trade-in price for the Tacoma....and now this is what Chris is driving!  He had been wanting a Silverado, so he had himself a great weekend :-)  PLUS, it is 4 doors, so the backseat is bigger than the backseat in the Jetta (not that that is saying much), BUT Jake LOVED riding in the truck this weekend, b/c he was able to see the world from a different (and much HIGHER) view.  

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This video is from a while ago....I think around Valentine's Day, but - it was pretty cute, so I thought I would share.  

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Juggling Show

This was the afternoon entertainment ...... before the wagon ride!

Afternoon wagon FUN

I'm not sure Chris is completely sold on the hat yet....but I love it :-)  

Easter Bunny visits

Jake enjoyed his Easter basket.....he went for the Gerber yogurt melts first - go figure!  He loves those things :-)  He thought the eggs were pretty cool, too, though!


Here is Mr. Handsome on Easter morning....before we were leaving for church (and on our way)!  We waited and did the Easter basket after church....we just kept the morning routine as similar as possible in order to get out of the house and to church on time :-)

Taniya visits!!

Last week, Taniya came to visit us during her Spring Break.  Unfortunately, Shawn and Taniya have different spring breaks, so we missed him - BUT it was SO WONDERFUL having her here!  We went to Savannah one day....and to the outlets another.....out to lunch several days....and just enjoyed the beautiful weather!!  Here is Jake playing with a plastic cup and straw that came with his "kids meal" - it kept him entertained throughout most of the lunch after he finished his pb&j :-)  We can't wait to see her in a couple of weeks when we are back in VA.  


Here is Jake enjoying going down the slide with Aunt Katy.  Gram, Aunt Katy, and Aunt Becky came to visit 2 weekends ago so that Chris and I could go to a dining out in Savannah with his Bn.  Jake enjoyed getting spoiled for 24 hours while we were away :-)  (sorry no pictures of Chris and I all dressed up)!  Thanks so much to the 3 of you for coming and staying with Jake.....it allowed Chris and I to have a nice night out - and KNOW everything with Jake was great!