Monday, April 20, 2009

New Truck

Well, here it is:  Chris's new baby!  Ever since Chris got back from Iraq 6 months ago....we have been talking about getting him a new truck.  With the move and the holidays and then his work schedule, we just haven't been able to go out and do it, but we were finally able to this weekend!  We got a great trade-in price for the Tacoma....and now this is what Chris is driving!  He had been wanting a Silverado, so he had himself a great weekend :-)  PLUS, it is 4 doors, so the backseat is bigger than the backseat in the Jetta (not that that is saying much), BUT Jake LOVED riding in the truck this weekend, b/c he was able to see the world from a different (and much HIGHER) view.  

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