Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Glimpse of Jake walking

First of all, sorry that I can't rotate this.....if you have a laptop, the solution is simple (just turn your laptop)....if you have a desktop, well....bummer!  
Anyway, it has been nice to be able to update you this past week on what all is going on with Jake. Since my last consistent blogging, Jake is all sippy cups and no bottles now (so, he overcame that hurdle), he eats everything....including herb-crusted salmon that we had for dinner the other night (i wasn't quite sure how that could go over - but he loved it)!  I do have to usually hide his vegetables in with other things, though, b/c he's not a huge fan of those.  Jake dances ALL the time - hopefully I can get a good video clip of that (my sister in law Becky has a good one on her blog).  What else is new.....I guess those are the main things - and even though he DOES take steps here and there....he hasn't quite conquered the walking - yet!  BUT, today he has walked more than any other day....probably a total of 15 steps in about 4 different sequences.  You can see from the video - he is just trying to balance out all his weight - he stands by himself all the time, but he just hasn't quite mastered the confidence of taking lots of steps yet.  He is getting there, though.....he just has decided to take his sweet time :-)  Oh, yes...the other milestone - is he is only taking 1 nap as of this week, so that's a sad milestone for me :-)  BUT he seems to be doing pretty well so far.  Oh, and he is great at giving high-fives.  In fact, he has been giving high fives for about 6 weeks now, but a couple of weeks ago at dinner, Chris and I both held up our hands at the same time and said "high five" to Jake, and he kind of looked back and forth at both of us like, " can I make this a win-win situation?" and all of a sudden, he took both of his hands and gave us each a high-five at the SAME TIME.  It was pretty hilarious, cute.....and of course SMART on his part, b/c I don't think he wanted to hurt either of our feelings :-)

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