Thursday, May 27, 2010

Change of Command

Today was Change of Command for Chris. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a "passing of the baton" ceremony from the current company commander to the new company commander. Chris took over Hotel Company, so it was a pretty exciting day - and the beginning of a fun, new adventure for him.... as Hotel Company Commander!!
His new office (think I need to get some pictures of me and the boys on that desk)!!! HOWEVER, I was very pleased to see the clorox wipes on his desk .... that he said he DID use!! I'm so proud!
Hotel Company drill instructors....
Chris is on the left and the outgoing company commander (Jon Peterson) is on the right
After the flag was passed (see video below) - Jon handing over the company to Chris
Chris giving his little "speech"
Family picture .... the boys did really good!!! It was actually really cute, b/c Chris and Jake will salute each other at home, but today when Jake saw anyone salute .... he automatically saluted! It was hilarious - I wasn't able to get video, b/c I wasn't expecting that .... but it was definitely cute!
Here is the "passing of the company flag" from outgoing commander to incoming commander...


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We've been working especially hard lately on counting to 5 and 10. We get a lot of "1, 2, 1, 2" and a lot of "1, 2, 5", so it's definitely a work in progress. HOWEVER, I was running errands the other afternoon, and I hear Jake in the backseat going, "7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF". I almost ran off the road (just an expression, not literally), because I was wondering where he had learned that (later found out from Chris it is Special Agent Oso's doing), but here he is at dinner the other night counting backwards. We are still working on forwards, and he's getting better and better .... the next counting video - he should have it down pat :-)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bubbles and Baseball

After the sprinkler fun, we decided to play with bubbles and then play a little baseball. Here is Cole watching Jake intently!!

Cole in on the bubble fun....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he runs the bases after he hits. That's my favorite part :-)


Sprinkler TIME ....

Remind me to tell the owners of this house thank you for the sprinkler system .... I mean, sure - we pay the water bill, AND with the JOY that is on this face - our water bills could possibly be a little high this summer ;-) (ps. sorry for all of the sprinkler pictures .... i'm sure you get the idea after picture #10, but it's so hard choosing which of these smiles to post)!!

Cole wanted UP from his nap and in on the action!
He's not quite sure what to think of this "automatic sprinkler" stuff.....

Cute, Cuddly, "Can't get enough of" COLE

He is trying SO SO SO HARD to crawl....

Tired now .... that was a lot of work - time to relax!

Cousins Visit!

This past weekend, my cousin Heather and her 4 kids (Emma, Ethan, Maddy, and Kyle) came to visit! We had such a great time. Jake really enjoyed having cousins to play with - and he only have a couple "sharing incidents" :-) It was so nice to be able to catch up with Heather and see how they are all doing. It was so nice of her to come visit!! Here are some pictures from our fun weekend .....
This is Cole and Daddy hanging out....
Jake making Cole laugh....
and it works every time :-)
Emma holding Cole - she was so good with him!!
Cole laughing with Maddy!!

Emma and Jake....
Emma, Ethan, and Jake
Kyle (only 3 months younger than Jake)
Waffles for breakfast!
Playing on the train table....
On Saturday, we went to the park in downtown Beaufort .... Maddy on the slide

Jake doing what he does...

Cole trying to find his feet!
Jake wanting so bad to climb up that rope like Emma .....
Jake only pretending he went down that slide - ha!
Heather and Cole....
Can you believe we actually got a GROUP SHOT?!?!
Emma feeding Cole his bottle
More of Cole smiling up at Maddy
There are those FEET!!
He can do it without looking, too ;-)
Rita's Ice! YUM!!!
What?!?! Everyone is AGAIN all looking at the camera (and yes, Cole is there - he is just in his car seat down beside me)!
Jake enjoying his cotton candy ice....
Playing some baseball....

and bubbles, of course!
So handsome....
Jake and Kyle
Everyone watching TV before it's time for them to get on the road ..... WHAT A FUN WEEKEND WE HAD!!!