Thursday, May 6, 2010


Life is completely unpredictable (and yet exciting) with a 2-year old :-) We started swimming lessons with Jake this week on Tues/Thurs nights. I assumed the hardest part about the lessons would be that Jake would not want me to be holding him in the pool, and instead trying to push me away, so he could do it all on his own. HOWEVER, that is not how it panned out on Tuesday night. Jake had a death grip on us - and when we did an exercise on how to teach your children to get OUT of the pool, Jake didn't want back in, so it took a lot of coaxing .... :-) Needless to say, I was a little "nervous" about how tonight was going to go. I was really hoping that Jake would get BACK into the water, without tantrums (because I didn't want to force it, either). He did MUCH better tonight - and even though he still had a death grip on me, he stayed in the water the whole time .... and that's a start. As I was tucking him into bed tonight, I asked him if he liked swimming today, and he nodded his head 'yes'. I asked him what he liked about swimming, and he said, "Casey and Elise" (who are his 2 friends that we are doing the swim lessons with). haha :-)

The lesson is JUST about to start - and the pool is pretty cold (one of the things I don't think Jake likes, so he completely gets that from me)!!
Blowing bubbles .... Jake loves watching this - but doesn't want to try himself :-)

We were supposed to be doing a back exercise, but.....
Trying to coax Jake into at least letting go of his grip a little bit... :-)
AND YAY for Aunt Katy being here and joining us for swimming tonight! We have been so busy with her this week - that I haven't even taken any pictures (which is so rare for me). I'll pick up my camera tomorrow .....

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