Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gram and Poppy's House Day 2

Lots of memories were made and captured (134 pictures to be exact). It was really hard to narrow it down, but WHAT FUN day 2 was at Gram and Poppy's house. The evening was ended with a meal at Moe's. Yuuummmm!

Cole and Daddy sleeping early in the morning
Gram made homemade waffles - and Jake was stuffing his face!

Balloons provide so much entertainment
And Jake is walking up and down the stairs like a pro .... I remember the days of him crawling up and down....
Gram and Cole
Aunt Katy and Cole enjoying the sunshine - and breezy weather!
Poppy and Jake holding hands while a car passes
Chris and me....
I still got it!
Poppy and Jake (who loves the ditch .... and the dirt)

Falling asleep....
Gram and Jake racing down the street ..... I think Jake won :-)

Nana and Granddad came to visit!! :-)

Jake and Granddad having a catch!

Generation picture
Gram walked out, so Jake got all excited :-)

Jake opening a present from Nana and Granddad .... a Thomas the Train shirt, whistle, and hat - he was SO excited!!

Blowing the whistle
Laughing with Nana about something....

Cole and Granddad
Trying to get all 3 of them in a picture, but even with my new camera, I wasn't fast enough (it's hard to get Jake to keep still)

Jake and Nana playing with the balloon

Jake and Poppy in the back of Poppy's truck

Jake definitely pulled off one of Gram's beautiful flowers (before anyone could stop him). This is the AFTER picture...
This was the BEFORE picture....

Blowing bubbles, too! There was SO much to do!
Chris kind of still has it ;-)
Shoveling rocks into his bucket - and then dumping them out .... what a FUN game :-)

We couldn't find a whiffle bat, so..... this stick will have to do....

Jake running the bases....
after he "hit" the ball with this bat (aka stick)

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