Saturday, May 1, 2010

Big Boy Bed Update

Where's Jake? Can you find him?? Look closely :-) The transition to the big boy bed has actually been pretty smooth. I really can't complain. I had visions of myself parked with a chair outside his bedroom for a couple weeks to make sure he STAYED in his bed and didn't keep coming out of his room, but I haven't had to do that once! In fact, the first night, he came out a couple of times, but other than that .... he stays in it - and actually yesterday and this morning are the first 2 days where he has come out and found me in the mornings. He was just playing until I went and got him. As long as he's not getting up at 4am, I'm really okay with him getting out and finding me. BUT - the only situation (and I can't call it an issue or problem, b/c it's pretty funny) is that I have found him passed out on his floor a couple of times. The first time it happened, I was a little panicked, b/c I didn't see him in his bed - and I was thinking to myself "who could've gotten in this house w/o me knowing" :-) BUT - then I found him on the floor (and then quickly took the picture). I just let him nap there - and when he woke up, he got back in his bed and waited for me to come get him - funny! :-) Last night, we also found him on his floor asleep, so I put him back in bed - and when I checked on him at 5am before feeding Cole, he was BACK on the floor?! So, I'm not sure what's up with that, but.... other than that, he has been doing really well - and I'm really happy with the new situation. He's getting so big!!

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