Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mimi and Papa Dee's house Day 1

Breakfast with Papa Dee ...

Playing ball...
Going for a walk .... Jake is "too old" for the stroller :-)
Papa Dee and Cole
What a beautiful day we had .....
SO HARD getting a family picture ..... this was like take 1 out of 6 (and it ended up being the best one) ;-)
Daddy and Cole
Papa Dee on the phone - can you believe that?! :-)
Mimi and Gram are always sneaking the cookies - haha :-)
Yay - Aunt Beverly came to see us!
Jake was so excited to see "Aunt Beberly"
Playing the piano together....
I SPY book....
Cole with Aunt Beverly .....

Jake kept throwing the pillows on the floor and then falling off the couch onto the cushions - until he missed the cushions and hit his head .... THEN, the game stopped :-)

Think Jake has enough trains to entertain him?
Cole sporting his Mimi onesie!

Best Dad ever!

Jake LOVES Aunt Jul's snow globes .... but if we said "just look" once, we said it a million times!

Giving Cole a kiss...
Jake doing his crazy face

Chris playing scrabble with Jenn on the iphone
Papa Dee on lap 500 around the house with Jake .... getting a little tired!

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