Monday, May 17, 2010

Videos for a Rainy Day...

Here are some videos for this rainy day.... at least it is here in SC ... I think it is pretty much all up and down the East Coast, so pop some pop corn and enjoy ;-)

This video is Jake singing "Our God is so Big". Aunt Becky sings this with her 2-year olds at preschool - and has sung it with Jake several times when she has been down, and we continued to sing it .... even when she is not here. Jake is getting pretty good. It's really touching (to me) to see this video and hear him sing this song! In this first video, Chris and I were singing along, but in the second video.... he was all on his own.

Jake singing the same song - all by himself!!!

Sushi for dinner ..... what does Jake think?!

In all honesty, Cole just thinks Jake is the coolest person in this world - and Jake is so good about showing Cole attention (sometimes a little too much attention) :-) I've told Chris before that if Cole is crying.... Jake is the #1 person we need around to help Cole STOP crying! All Jake has to do is fake sneeze or laugh or say "hi cole" and Cole just starts smiling. When we found out we were having another boy, Chris and I were really excited - hoping that Jake and Cole would grow up to be the best of friends, but I always just pictured them when they were older - playing sports, running around in the house, wrestling and knocking things over and breaking them, BUT I never really pictured - or imagined - that it would start so early! It's like they are already such good friends. I love it!

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Kate said...

Add these videos with the other ones plus I got to eat lunch with you and was a GREAT rainy day!! Thanks for posting these!!