Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ashinhurst, Party of 5

I guess it is "time" to announce to the social networking world that baby #3 is on the way. I am 16 weeks pregnant and due May 28. We are really excited about the new baby, and the boys are excited for a little brother or little sister (although, Cole doesn't quite understand, Jake is on board - and seems excited). Jake goes back and forth with whether he wants another brother or wants a little sister. He says both, but thankfully he will only be getting either/or :-)

A week before we found out I was pregnant, we found out Chris is going to "unexpectedly" have to deploy to Afghanistan in February (if you can use the word unexpectedly in the Marine Corps). So, after much discussion, we decided that the boys and I will head back to VA when Chris leaves for Afghanistan, so that I can have the baby back near family ... and know 110% that the boys will be taken care of. It was a hard decision - mainly because I thrive on routine and structure - and wanted the boys to feel settled, BUT at the same time, I don't think there is a better place for them (especially Jake) than in Virginia with lots of family, love, and attention - because that boy is really going to miss his Daddy (he's 100% daddy's boy)! I'm obviously looking forward to being with family and friends, too - just really, really, really wish (times a million) that Chris didn't have to go. It's all part of it - and we've done it twice before ... it somehow just never gets easier. I keep fast forwarding to his homecoming, though ... and getting to meet his new, little baby for the first time! THAT will be a special moment. AND ... as much as I wish he didn't have to deploy at all, I'm very thankful that he is here for the Christmas season and the boys' birthdays in January before he has to go.
So, until then ... if you're reading this and don't mind keeping our family in your prayers during this deployment time/transition, we'd really appreciate it. I've said it so many times, but I'm so thankful for my selfLESS husband. I truly do look up to and admire him - and am thankful for the sacrifices HE makes to help keep all of us safe. It is something he feels called to do, and he does it so well. I love and respect that guy so much!

Until the next baby update .... here's a quick picture. Since I was so far along at my first ultrasound, I could actually make out where the baby's head and body was at :-) He/she is already so so so precious. I'm in love ....

Sunday, December 11, 2011


There's obviously been a lot of football watching in our household this season. I took this video of Jake the other weekend while we were watching football. He was "practicing", he says :-) He puts on the Dolphins helmet that Andrew gave him (that he LOVES) ... and watches what they are doing on the TV ... and then does his "own version" of it. It's a riot. Football player in the making.... you never know :-)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Most WONDERFUL TIME of the Year

I LOVE Christmas. Like, I don't think you understand ... I really LOVE Christmas. REALLY REALLY LOVE Christmas. REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE Christmas. I always have. I love everything about Christmas. I love all the busyness of the season. I love all of the delicious BAKING that is done throughout the season (and eating). I love Christmas trees, I love lights, I love the decorations (both the gaudy and the nice) ;-), I absolutely LOVE the music, I love the Christmas parties, I love receiving Christmas cards from friends I haven't talked to all year to find out how they are doing, I love buying presents for people, I seriously I especially LOVE the Christmas traditions (old and new) ... and of course I absolutely LOVE a season dedicated to celebrating the birth of Jesus. I love celebrating Jesus' birthday. I love thinking about that special night ... shepherds just minding their own business and then suddenly being told by angels that Jesus was born. How AMAZING that would've been! So, it's no surprise that I'm excited that it's Christmastime again. This year has been a little bit of an "adjustment" for me .... because with all of our transitions and decisions that have had to be made, we are in a furnished apartment - without our tree and decorations :-( That is hard for someone like me who was determined 2 years ago to still put lights on outside of the house, even though I was 8 months pregnant :-) BUT, we did go out and buy a 7ft tree to give our apartment some Christmas flare. So, here are the pictures from our tree decorating family night :-)
Jake chose the colored lights ... and we got 5 CARS ornaments and 5 Woody/Buzz ornaments. Ha. Memories, memories.

Jake and I also made a Christmas chain to go around the tree ....

The chain lasted about ... 3 days. It no longer exists on our tree.

And yes, the tree has already come down on top of Cole. Only once, though. Pretty good, since we've had it up since the weekend after Thanksgiving.
So, even with all my LOVE for Christmas, I also am a stickler for waiting until AFTER Thanksgiving to begin all the festivities. BUT ... the day after Thanksgiving, let the Christmas music START TO PLAY ... and play it did, and play it continues :-) Hope you all are enjoying your Christmas season!
Here we are decorating our California tree :-)