Monday, September 26, 2011

FUN weekend!

I think we've been "practicing" for our move to California lately, b/c we have been on the ROAD doing some traveling. 2 weeks ago, Jake, Cole, and I visited Beaufort AND then headed up to VA (pictures to post at some point), and then this past weekend, all 4 of us headed to Greenville, SC to see my cousins Anne Marie and Mark. I know everyone thinks I'm so excited to move back to CA .... and don't get me wrong, we DO love it out in CA, but I've always prefaced our love for CA with the fact that we hate being so far from family when we are out there. One of the nice things about being here in Columbus, GA., is that we are so close to lots of different family, so it has been great to benefit (and continue to benefit) from that!
We were so pumped about getting to see a Furman game. It is Mark's first year coaching at Furman, so of course we are Paladin fans!!!
We arrived Friday night after driving through Atlanta traffic - and after the boys played for a little bit, they quickly passed out ....
We woke up early Saturday morning to a DELICIOUS breakfast prepared by Anne Marie (eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, etc). YUM! The game was at 1pm, so we decided to explore downtown Greenville for a little bit before getting ready for the game. We first went to a children's park downtown .....
THEN .... saw all of the fountains. The boys LOVED this (as you can imagine).
Why not let them get a little wet?! You only live once, right?!!

Jake posing w/ the pig at the Children's park.

After downtown Greenville, we headed out to Furman to do a little tailgating before the game. Of course, when you are family to the coach, you get to enjoy the parking space. They are big time.

The Paladin Walk into the stadium. A little "Friday Night Light-ish" as they slapped the "F" on their way into the stadium for warm ups!
Family picture before the game .... well, an attempt at one.
There's Coach Moehring in the black shirt!!!
Putting on his headset

Getting pumped!
Jake was enjoying it all - and cheering away!!
There's the Paladin - on the horse. Let's just say Cole was a huge fan of this.
See Mark in the black .... coaching it up!
It was hot - and bright!

YAY - they won!!!!!!!!!!

After the game, Jake waiting for the players (plus, he wanted his chance to go through that tunnel) :-)

Mr. and Mrs. Moehring after a FANTASTIC Win!!
Jake giving "daps" to the players! He thought this was awesome!!! I absolutely LOVE this picture!!!!

The Paladin Entrance!!

After the great win, Anne Marie made an awesome pot roast that we devoured .... the boys headed to bed, and the rest of us watched the Vandy vs. South Carolina game (who am I kidding, though?! I slept) :-( Sunday morning, we got up and went to brunch at Tommy's Ham House before heading back home. Tommy's Ham House is such a great spot, owned by a Furman alum. We all had such a FUN weekend with Mark and Anne Marie - and wish we weren't moving so far away, so that we could make that happen more often! So thankful for them ... and happy and excited about their life in Greenville and all the exciting things ahead.


This video cracks me up! I think you honestly have to know Jake's personality to truly appreciate it, but Chris and I randomly found this on Chris's phone ... Jake apparently video taped himself while he was messing around on Chris's phone, and honestly - it's just so stinkin' funny. I laugh so hard every time!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Always Coca-Cola

We spent our Labor Day in rainy Atlanta. Katy's flight left Monday evening, so we headed down there early afternoon to spend some time in downtown Atlanta. Unfortunately, the rain kept us from doing anything outside (except we did walk through Centennial Park - it was worth getting a little wet), BUT ... we ate dinner at the CNN Center and visited the World of Coke Museum. It was lots of fun! Jake woke up Tuesday morning saying, "That Diet Coke place was really cool." Even on the way to school this morning, he saw a Coke sign - and started talking all about his favorite parts of the "Diet Coke place" in Atlanta :-) Here are some pictures ....

Coca-Cola Panda Bear. Jake wasn't so sure - Cole LOVED him, of course (well.... as long as I kept holding him, though) :-)

Seeing how it is made, stored, bottled, and packaged was pretty cool.

THEN, there was this room where you could taste coke products from all over the world!! Jake had never had coke in his life, so he was pretty stoked about this :-) I even gave Cole a taste or two. Let's just say .... I'll stick with the coke products I'm familiar with!!
My favorites .... cherry coke and vanilla coke!

We all got to enjoy a Coke on them :-)
Jake pretty pumped about this!
The Olympic Torch ....

ALL Coke products from all over the world!
Sitting on the American Idol couch!!! I almost started busting out a song!
FUN day! FUN weekend! It was so great having Aunt Katy here!!