Friday, September 9, 2011

Always Coca-Cola

We spent our Labor Day in rainy Atlanta. Katy's flight left Monday evening, so we headed down there early afternoon to spend some time in downtown Atlanta. Unfortunately, the rain kept us from doing anything outside (except we did walk through Centennial Park - it was worth getting a little wet), BUT ... we ate dinner at the CNN Center and visited the World of Coke Museum. It was lots of fun! Jake woke up Tuesday morning saying, "That Diet Coke place was really cool." Even on the way to school this morning, he saw a Coke sign - and started talking all about his favorite parts of the "Diet Coke place" in Atlanta :-) Here are some pictures ....

Coca-Cola Panda Bear. Jake wasn't so sure - Cole LOVED him, of course (well.... as long as I kept holding him, though) :-)

Seeing how it is made, stored, bottled, and packaged was pretty cool.

THEN, there was this room where you could taste coke products from all over the world!! Jake had never had coke in his life, so he was pretty stoked about this :-) I even gave Cole a taste or two. Let's just say .... I'll stick with the coke products I'm familiar with!!
My favorites .... cherry coke and vanilla coke!

We all got to enjoy a Coke on them :-)
Jake pretty pumped about this!
The Olympic Torch ....

ALL Coke products from all over the world!
Sitting on the American Idol couch!!! I almost started busting out a song!
FUN day! FUN weekend! It was so great having Aunt Katy here!!

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Kate said...

Had such a great time with you guys!!! See you again soon!