Friday, September 2, 2011

Aunt Katy is HERE! Aunt Katy is HERE!

It is so FUN having Aunt Katy here this weekend!! We picked her up from the Atlanta Airport yesterday .... and first stop - Chick-fil-A for lunch :-)
Of course Aunt Katy came bearing awesome gifts. :-) Christmas in September! Here are the WAY CUTE name straws she brought with her. HOW COOL ARE THESE?!!!
The boys sure did think they were way cool!
Today, Jake had school, so after we dropped "mr. big boy" off (who barely said bye to Aunt Katy and me - just ran right in like he was on a mission), we took Cole to the park to play. The ratio of adults to children was amazing (3:1). Loved it :-) Cole enjoyed all the attention, and we enjoyed about an hour of sunshine and fun .... before heading to GiGi's cupcakes!!! (pictured below).

After the park ad Gigi's cupcakes, we picked Jake up from school and headed to the Pirate Playground. We basically had the place to ourselves - way nice! Here is Cole and Aunt Katy in a "war" with Daddy and Jake :-) I was taking pictures and trying to avoid getting pegged with the balls.

Loving having Daddy to play with....
Oh yes! Gigi's cupcakes. Mmmmm.
Chris got the daily "special" - the Auburn cupcake, in honor of their first game tomorrow. Pretty creative - and pretty yummy!
Moe's for dinner .... YUM .... and now the boys are in bed and the house is quiet. Bedtime won't be too far away, I'm sure, as we prepare for another BUSY day tomorrow with Aunt Katy!!! So nice to have her here!

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