Saturday, September 15, 2012

All Things CHASE.

Just because I've been doing a horrible job posting pictures of my handsome little man, doesn't mean I'm still not snapping away :-)  He smiles so much ... he is rolling over now ... and he likes to "fight" with the bird on his play mat :-)  He CONSTANTLY watches his brothers.  He pretty much always knows what they are doing.  It's obvious he can't wait to join in on the fun.  
So, here are some pictures of Chase over the past couple of weeks.  He changes more every day!!  The one thing NOT changing (so far) are his BLUE EYES.  I'm really hoping he keeps those killer eyes!

He's so happy.  Such a good baby!!!

I couldn't get him to look at ME, because he was watching his brothers (probably wrestle) ... and he wouldn't look away from them :-)

Always getting kisses from his brothers :-)

So in love!

Don't you just LOVE his eyes?!!!!!  Just like his Daddy!!!

(ignore this ... i'll post videos soon)

Love the hair standing straight up!

Already moving OFF the play mat.

Now that he can roll on his belly ... he loves it.  And maybe a thumb sucker?!  Hoping not.  Although it's so super cute :-)

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melissaraineri said...

Soooo adorable! Love the eyes and that smile! All of the boys are so handsome. What a beautiful family!