Thursday, December 4, 2008

Top Ten

Okay, I don't do a whole lot of typing on this thing, but since I'm the least experienced with the whole driving across the country, taking care of the baby stuff...I figured I'd come up with 'Chris' Top Ten Lessons Learned' from over the last few weeks. Most will have to do with what I've learned about being a father to our awesome ten-month old, but some are just about everyday life. I dont have any cool pictures, so for those of you who only look at the can stop reading now.
10. You can only blame that smell on the baby so many times before Mom stops believing you.
9. Mommy is much better at changing diapers than Daddy. I guess that means she should just do them all...right???
8. Goofy dances are miracle workers...not that I...Chris Ashinhurst, the Marine would uh....
7. Mom's are allowed to be frustrated with the kid's fussing, Dad's have to be patient...double standard if you ask me.
6. Nap time is not just a necessity for the baby, but a blessing from God.
5. The Pak n' Play needs to have more explicit instructions for assembly.
4. What Mommy says goes...I'm sure there is a chapter in the Gospels about that.
3. No matter how much money you spend on toys...a wad of paper and a cardboard box are amazing.
2. Mommy is AMAZING.
And the number 1 thing I've learned...
1. Jake is the man. I know everyone thinks their kid is the smartest and the strongest and the most advanced, b/c at 8 months old they can say 'blaghgheor' better than other 8 month olds...and I'm pretty sure Jake is just an average ten-month old...but he's such a blessing in every single way. Not that I didnt know that before I left for Iraq...but its been reinforced day after day since I've been back.

For now...Word.


Kate said...

Okay..first the house is beautiful! I can't wait to come and visit! Second...Chris you'll get the hang of changing diapers. Practice makes perfect right? Third, you are absolutely right that Jake's mommy is AMAZING! And lastly, Jako IS the most wonderful blessing and I really hope he isn't crying because this comment is an hour late...I love you!!

Jenn said...

I think having a kid has made you soft Marine!
I will agree with you and Kate though, you two guys have the best wife and mom around!! Can't wait to see you man!! I love you!!

Ringmaster said...

I am loving #'s 10, 5, 4 and 3 . . . all so true!!