Saturday, September 5, 2009

One Week to Go!

Well, we are down to LESS than a week until the big wedding! Today, we all packed into Jul's Honda Civic (Mimi, Papa Dee, Aunt Jul, Jake, and me) and ran LOTS of errands. We went by the florist shop, Bristow (where the wedding will be held), and then on to Leesburg for Julianne's final dress fitting!! I took a couple of pictures of Jul in the dress, but obviously can't post them on the blog :-) She looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! The dress is beautiful - and Jul wearing it is even MORE beautiful!! I am very excited for next week! Jake and Papa Dee were real troopers while we ran all these errands (that took a total of 7 hours - driving time made up a lot of that). Jake enjoyed hanging out with Papa Dee, though....walking around outside and then Dad shared his Mocha Frappucino with him, which Jake has never had - and LOVED! It was a really good day - tiring, but good. Now, Jake is asleep (and has been for a while), my Mom is washing some clothes (yes, at this ungodly hour of the night), and Dad and I are sitting on the couch watching the Vanderbilt game. Aunt Jul is still out and about doing some wedding stuff - and my wonderful husband has probably now gone to bed after throwing a bbq at our house without me :-( Sounds like it was a big hit, though - and he even made homemade bbq sauce - wow! As I sit here in my sweatpants......I'm excited that this time next week - we will be with family and friends celebrating Jul and Matt and dancing the night away ;-)

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DeRossett crew said...

So exciting! I'm upset we will miss it...:( Take lots of pictures...little Jake is getting so big!