Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taniya's Adoption Shower


CONGRATULATIONS to Shawn and Taniya!!! They are in the process of adopting 3 absolutely precious and wonderful children (Lazerous age 5, Drake age 3, and Joscelyn age 16 months). Shawn and Taniya have full custody of these children right now - and the adoption should be final in the next few months. It's an amazing story of how this new adventure started for them. The Lord works in such awesome ways - and I'm thrilled for the joy these 3 children will bring to Taniya and Shawn - and Lazerous, Drake, and Joscelyn are so blessed to now be in such a loving family. I'm SO excited for this "forever family"!!! There was an adoption shower for Taniya on are a few pictures (and I had to post the picture of the diaper cake I made for her, b/c I felt so domestic when I finished it)! :-) You can see Joscelyn sitting on Taniya's lap in some of these pictures. These 3 children have already been through so much in their short, little lives - and I'm just SO THRILLED (to tears) that the Lord brought Lazerous, Drake, and Joscelyn to Shawn and Taniya! I love you all!!!

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Shawn and Taniya said...

I love how I'm sitting in an orthopedic chair while holding my daughter and opening presents! Nothing says adoption/baby shower like a mom in a old person walker! Thanks for the shout out! I am loving it!