Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Suit Shoes

Funny story: So, this afternoon...Jake found his stride rite shoe box containing the shoes for his suit for the wedding. He pulled them out - and was trying to put them on his feet, SO....I figured no better time than the present to "break them in" (that way, he won't get blisters when he's out there dancing - ha). Jake spent a good 20-30 minutes stomping around my parent's house....he was loving wearing them - and all the noise they were making. He just kept looking down at them and checking them out. THEN....all of a sudden, he went back to his stride rite box, sat down, and looked at me like, "okay - i'm ready to take them off." It was too funny (you may have had to have been here - but take my word for it - funny)!

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