Monday, September 21, 2009

Before Bedtime FUN

We are lucky that Jake "settles down" for bedtime quickly.  The reason being is because Chris doesn't get home too much before his bedtime, usually, so it's really hard to expect "quiet down time" before bed, b/c Jake wants to PLAY hard with Daddy :-)  This video is post-bath and pre-bedtime.  It is a regular routine after bath.  Chris starts throwing the towel at Jake, Jake runs away laughing hysterically, and then runs the towel back to Chris for him to throw some more.  The things that amuse a 20-month old :-)  I just love watching how excited Jake gets when Daddy comes home!  It is one of those major joys in life.  


Kate said...

Oh this video had me rolling!! There is no sweeter sound than Jako's laugh! I miss y'all!!!

Heather said...

That laughing is awesome!