Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Eve of the Eve.....of the wedding!

We are finishing up last minute things around here before the BIG DAY that is only 48 hours away now :-) I'm so excited that I feel like I'M getting married again!! So far, the forecast is looking pretty is supposed to be partly cloudy, high 77 - with only 20% chance of precipitation, so those are good odds right now! :-) Family and friends are starting to arrive, so it's a very exciting time!! Between all of the errands and last minute details, we were able to find time this morning for some manicures and pedicures... :-) The beautiful bride-to-be is in the first picture - and then there is a picture of Laura (one of Jul's bridesmaids and best friend from college)....and there are a few pictures of Jake sitting on Mimi's lap while she got her pedicure. He loved watching the whole thing...and the lady even massaged his legs and toes, too - which he loved (sorry Chris)!! :-) My Mom said you didn't need to worry, though - because the second she took him outside, he went straight for a mud puddle and jumped right into it!! Jake and I are heading to Gram and Poppy's house later this afternoon - and then I'll be headed out with the bridesmaids tonight, so the festivities continue on.... :-) I better go get a few more wedding things done before I leave. More wedding details later!


MN Mom said...

I can't believe the big day is just around the corner! Wish we were there celebrating with you all...thanks for posting pics along the way! Enjoy the weekend...give our best to the bride and groom. Also, Happy Bday to your mom! :)

Ringmaster said...

how exciting!!! congrats to your sister, and can't wait to see pictures and your baby bump (if you even have one!) and of course Jake!