Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jake on the Wedding Day

These are the pre-meltdown pictures of Jake.  He had a fun morning with Gram, Poppy, Aunt Katy, and Aunt Becky - and he was attached at the hip to Chris who got into town and Jake hadn't seen him for 2 weeks, but once we got to the wedding....it was too much confusion and chaos for him, so.....these pictures are of happier moments for Jake during the day :-)


Ringmaster said...

uh, are we to assume that the little man wasn't quite so happy in the wedding pictures?! Hope you had a good time all the same :)

MN Mom said...

Love the pictures...but we need wedding pics posted!!! I am sure the day was totally overwhelming for him...poor Jake!!! Wish I had been there to see it all myself. :)