Friday, September 18, 2009


This may be one of those videos that only grandparents and aunts are excited about seeing :-)  My mom bought Jake a Noah's Ark set that she had for him at her house - and he loved it so much over the past couple of weeks that I asked if we could just take it with us!!  It has been such a GREAT learning tool, though, too.  Jake now knows the giraffe, zebra, hippo, kangaroo (and knows it goes "hop hop"), and lion.  We are still learning leopard...and he gets elephant right most of the time.  His favorite is the giraffe....and he likes the zebra, too!  Anyway, so he may not say a lot of words - YET, but he sure is understanding what we are saying, and it's really cool watching him process all of these things in his head.  Here we are working on it today...

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