Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, we are now back home....and getting back into normal routine.  We got back on Tuesday around noon (I left at 4am - ouch, but it was worth it when I was pulling in the driveway at 12:15pm)!!  Yesterday was full of errands to the commissary and doctor's appointment.  Jake is enjoying being back home - and after playing with some of his toys, he ran right to his "jake-sized" chair :-)  This morning he slept until about 8:15am!!!!!  I went in a couple times to check on him - just to make sure he was still BREATHING - I was shocked he was sleeping so late!  Yesterday after his nap - and this morning....he played in his crib for about 15-20 minutes after I went in there....I think he is enjoying being back in his own bed (don't we all after being away from home)?!  The only hard adjustment back has been when putting him down for naps/bedtime.  Usually, we do the routine - and I put him in his crib - and he goes to sleep on his own, but since we were gone for almost 3 weeks - he doesn't go down by himself when we are away from home (which is understandable), but he has been crying when I leave the room, which is painful to me, but usually it has only lasts 5-7 minutes.  It's always good to be home - but we had such a great time with family and friends in VA.  Today.....well, I'll probably start the laundry and cleaning process (boooo) - which is probably why you are reading a boring blog right now, b/c I'm totally procrastinating the inevitable :-)  No time like the present, though.....(i guess)!

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