Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Thoughts for Today...

1.  The milk kiss that Jake gave me on the cheek this morning started my day off perfectly...and will make up for a Redskins loss (if that happens, but it shouldn't)...

2.  I love the sound of FOOTBALL on all weekend - college on Saturdays and pro on Sundays!  It is music to my ears.

3.  Why has Jake been walking around with my starbucks cup, his toothbrush, toothpaste, and a block - and won't let go of any of it- for the past 20 minutes - seriously?  What is going through his head?!

4.  My sister is Mrs. Paxson now (exciting - and weird)...and gets home from her honeymoon today.  I wonder if they will webcam with me while they open all of their gifts??! :-)

5.  I'm not sure how my husband gets up in the middle of the night everyday to go to work...and when baby Cole gets here, he probably won't be able to snooze for 45 minutes with 2 alarms ;-)

6.  Would Jake rather watch ESPN countdown or the NFL Fox Sunday pre-game show?

7.  Chris is obviously at work today (hence the random blog while Jake and I are hanging out).

8.  I don't get to watch football today with my husband - or my Dad...that stinks!

9.  I am drinking a vanilla chai from Starbucks - only my 4th since I've been pregnant - and it's to die for!  

10.  Since we got back from VA, Jake hasn't gotten out of his crib before 8am each morning!  How awesome is that!  

11.  What did we do before tivo?  I mean, really?!

12.  Why are the squirrels in Beaufort NOT afraid of humans?  They will come up to our front door and just stand there like they want in - and won't run away even when I'm banging on the door, so that they will get off the front porch!  

13.  I am starting to decorate for fall, and I love it (but it's hard when it's still so muggy and humid here)!  Plus, it's hard putting out a lot of my decorations, b/c of this 20 month old that lives here :-)  

14.  I made chili last night to eat while watching the football games.  Jake LOVED it - and couldn't get enough of it, so....I think it will be a staple this fall/winter.  

15.  Why do the Redskins make the DUMBEST PENALTIES ever???????  Grrrr.  

16.  Why are you still reading my random thoughts - and why am I still typing them??

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Ringmaster said...

so I'm loving the random thoughts blog ... I may have to come up with one someday :) Not so sure my random thoughts will be a nice as yours tho :) LOL ... you look great, my random thought is that your daily staple is eyeliner...similar to mine which is mascara ;) And Jake as usual is adorable! Sorry bout the Deadskins, I watched in agony at work today! Booo... but the sounds of football is also a staple at our house all weekend long and one we too love :) Thanks for an interesting 2 minutes of reading .. btw did he give up the starbucks, toothbrush and toothpaste?! LOL