Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jake with Papa Dee and the horses

On Monday (the last day we were in VA), we spent most of the day relaxing.....and while we were outside, Jake was able to "hang out" with the neighbor's horses.  Jake loved all of our morning walks around Mimi and Papa Dee's neighborhood, b/c there are horses all over the place.  The horses right across the street usually would run up to the fence when we would be passing by.  Unfortunately, I had to run in and grab my camera, so I missed all over the waving by Jake and coughing of the horses (which Jake totally laughed at)...but he was enjoying being able to see them.  We couldn't really let him down, though, b/c he would have figured out a way to climb through the fence :-)  The last picture is of Jake playing with Papa Dee in the yard.  Jake was barefoot - and he wanted so bad to go into the driveway, but the pebbles hurt his feet, but his reaction was so he kept trying to step down - hoping and thinking that it wouldn't hurt :-)  Then, he would hurry back onto the grass.  It became more of a game for him....

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