Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Chase

They say that you take less and less pictures as you have more and more kids.  I can see the truth in that - to a point (since you have less and less time).  Thank goodness for the iPhone :-), because I barely have pulled out my actual camera to get pictures .... but since my phone is always with me, I'm still able to be the paparazzi around Chase.  He won't be lacking in the picture area.  
So, here are a few I've taken over the past 3 weeks of his life (yes, 3 weeks as of today)!  
Chase is doing good ... and weighed in a whopping 9lbs 8oz at his appointment on Monday!  The kid likes to eat.  I told Chris (jokingly) to forget saving for college - we need to start saving for the FOOD BILL come the teenage years :-)  
The only thing that is of concern to us right now is that Chase was born with dilated kidneys.  We actually had been told he had dilated kidneys at my 20 week ultrasound, but basically it was made to not be a big deal ... and something that is pretty common in males especially and usually resolves itself by birth.  Well, unfortunately, it didn't resolve itself by birth, and they are still dilated.  The doctors are still somewhat optimistic that it will STILL correct/resolve itself, and we have another ultrasound on July 6 (about 1 month after birth).  Chris and I decided that it would be best for the boys and me to wait to move to CA until we have this "first phase" figured out, since all the doctors here know exactly what is going on with his kidneys.  
In the meantime, Chase has been on an antibiotic since he was born to prevent kidney infection (so, more as a precautionary method... just in case).  This has caused diarrhea and severe, horrible diaper rash (if you can even call it that).  BUT, it's necessary until we find out what the ultrasound says on July 6.  The prayer is that it has resolved itself, and he can go off the antibiotic.  If it hasn't, he will stay on the antibiotic - and will have to be referred to a pediatric urologist.  I haven't quite been able to get answers from doctors (or through research) on exactly what the next step WOULD be, if we need it.  
Basically from our understanding and how it's been explained to us, dilated kidneys mean that his kidneys are larger - and the risk is that urine can collect up there instead of being emptied completely, which is what causes infection.  
Definitely not the end of the world, and I have plenty of friends who would "love" to have their kid have dilated kidneys over some of the issues they have to deal with, but of course as a parent, you never want anything wrong/hurting your child.  We are just praying that his kidneys are resolving themselves as I type.  If not, then we will go from there.  I'll keep you posted.  

It doesn't get much more perfect than him, though (in my completely, unbiased mom opinion) ;-)

yes, that is his middle finger. :-)

Is that a little smile?! :-)

LOVE the football onesie (thanks Aunt Becky)!!

 I really really really really really hope he keeps his blue eyes ... like his Daddy!!!

Bath time!

He's so long!

Yes, yes he is Chase :-)

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Kate said...

Holy moly this kiddo is cute!! Thanks for the Chase fix : )