Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family Time ...

As most know, having a baby brings changes to a family.  Add on top of that some of the changes that have taken place (and are about to take place in the next few weeks), and I have just adopted the motto of "one day at a time" :-)  The MOST POSITIVE thing about all of the changes ... and what makes all of the upcoming changes ok is that Chase was born in Virginia around family.  That is a luxury that we haven't had with the other 2 ... and it's pretty special having a baby really close to family.  I've enjoyed being able to share it all with family.  
So, even though I hate that we're separated from Chris again right now (only for a short time), it has been worth being in VA and being surrounded by both of our families.  Oh, how we love and appreciate them so much (and we won't quite talk about the leaving part yet).

Gram with Chase ...

The boys with Gram and Poppy!!  

Jake being the Lorax :-)

Chris got to hang out with his family on his parent's 31st Anniversary.  I think that was pretty cool ... I can't even remember the last time the 6 of them were hanging out all together.  I'm glad they had that time!  Love this picture of all of them!!

ASHINHURST Family Picture :-)  

Playing with bubbles on the deck

Cool dude ...

Another cool dude ....

Here is Chase in his hospital hat ... that the boys like ...

And we all had to take turns wearing ....

A couple days after Chase got home, they all took naps at the same time.  What?!!  I had to document that, since it will probably NEVER happen again (especially since Jake never naps anyway).  For the record, I didn't leave Chase sleeping in Cole's bed ... just put him down for the picture.  

Gotta love technology :-)

Not wanting Daddy to leave :-(

Just call me Martha Stewart?!  Yes, this is my "home made" (kind of) diaper rash cream that the pediatrician told me to make.  I've since added other ingredients as well.  Not only have I never had to buy diaper rash cream (yes, we've been fortunate), BUT I never dreamed I would make my own concoction ;-)

Hanging out with Aunt Becky...

Aunt Jenn getting some "Chase time"

This is how the boys walked out of their rooms a couple weeks ago ... haha!

Daddy made Green Eggs and Ham one morning before he left.  The boys loved it.  

Aunt Beverly came to visit :-)  Yay!!!

She's so special to us!  

Always trying to get in as much "cole time" as possible these days :-)

Hanging out with Papa Dee

Poppy and Chase :-)  And I can guarantee Jake & Cole weren't far away.

Rare Moments of Jake and Cole playing NICELY together.  They LOVE playing together ... it just normally ends up in running, wrestling, or "fighting" :-)

Summer FUN Day at School.  Cole thought he was big stuff like his brother :-)

LOVE that they are holding hands :-)

More Cole time :-)

Another Summer Fun Day :-)

At the Movie Theater seeing Madagascar 3 with Gram, Poppy, Aunt Jenn, Aunt Becky, and Aunt Katy.  Chase made it through a little over half of it :-)

Greg, Libby, and Asher came to hang out!  Libby and I were college roommates - and it's been fun going through "life together" as we've gotten married, had kids, etc. :-)

Chase and Asher (Asher was born in December)

Playground FUN!!!

Oh, there is more to blog ... So, stay tuned in the next couple days.

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