Saturday, June 30, 2012

Delaware for the Day

The weekend after Chase was born, Chris and the boys went with his family to Delaware to visit Nana and Granddad and see that side of the family that was all in town for his Uncle Tim's wedding.  Since Chase had just been born 3 days earlier, we couldn't go, but I was glad that Chris, Jake, and Cole were able to go and enjoy spending a day with family.  It was the first time in YEARS that Chris had seen some of his cousins on that side - and from the pictures, it obviously looked like a FUN day!

Cole hanging out with Aunt Jenn on the beach ... 

Jake LOVING the waves...


I can only imagine what Jake was telling Poppy :-)

I'm glad the boys love the beach as much as I do :-)

Here are all the Ashinhurst cousins from oldest to youngest.  Pretty neat!  

And here are the cousins with their kids ...

Here are the grandkids and great-grandkids with Nana.  Granddad was still recuperating from surgery at the beginning of May.  So happy he is home now, though!   

Climbing trees ....

Cole, too, of course :-)

Where Poppy is, there you will find the boys :-)

*Thank you Aunt Katy for all the GREAT GREAT pictures.  It was fun to "experience" the day even though I wasn't able to be there*

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