Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Another Day ...

We typically stay pretty busy.  When I say that, I mean that we normally have plans that involve going somewhere most every day.  I like staying busy.  BUT there are those days and times where it's also just NICE to be home ... and not have plans.  That was today.  There are also days where your list of things "to do" can just wait.  That was today as well.

The day started off with Chase and Cole playing on the play mat :-)  

Then, Chase and I did have quick plans to meet up with Taniya at Starbucks.  Nothing like sharing a cup of coffee with a good friend.  


After Cole's nap, I busted out water guns I had bought as a surprise for the boys.  It's amazing the joy that $6 pieces of plastic can bring.  It was the best $6 I've spent in a LONG time.  

They were ganging up on me, and I was running fast - mainly because I was trying to snap a quick picture - AND keep me iPhone dry :-)
I LOVE the sheer JOY on these faces.  Oh, to be a kid again.  

Papa Dee got in on the action ... and the boys loved that!  

After water guns, bubbles, side walk chalk, dodge ball, tag, more bubbles, more water guns, we tried to have a "peaceful" evening ... but peaceful is relative in this household with 2 active boys ... 
Here is Chase soaking up some peace and quiet once his brothers went to bed :-)
Good, good day.  Tomorrow we are going to DC for the morning.  Bring it :-)

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