Thursday, June 21, 2012


Can you read their shirts?  
Here's what happened.  A week after Chase was born, Aunt Jul and Uncle Matt were over for dinner and had gifts for the boys.  When they opened them up, they all had matching shirts.  I noticed that Chase's said "Big Cousin."  My initial thought (and remember, I'm sleep deprived at this point) was that Julianne ordered "Big Brother" shirts, and then didn't even look to notice they had been printed WRONG :-)  It took me a few minutes to catch on that BIG COUSIN shirts was not a mistake.
We are so excited for Jul and Matt.  They are going to be such great parents!  I'm just sad I'm going to be all the way out in California :-(  
So, here are the boys sporting their "Big Cousin" shirts ... !!!  

And here is the baby's heart beat :-)  Jul is 14 weeks now.  Such an exciting time!!

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