Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bowling FUN

Our time is winding down here in Virginia, so we are busy trying to "fit in" everything we've talked about doing since we got here.  Time has flown by!  So, last night ... we headed to Splittsville.  Splittsville is a bowling alley/restaurant.  FUN and YUM!  The boys LOVED it (and so did we)!  Here are some pictures from our evening :-)

YES!  They had a Redskins ball!!!  We tried to get Jake to use it ... but don't worry Chris, no luck!

Jake getting ready to bowl....

Cole loved it (and it was a good lesson in taking turns for him, which he didn't want to do in his "2 year old state") :-)  

Yay Aunt Jul!!

Go Mimi!!!

Chase slept for the majority of the time.  Rough life.  

Jake super excited about getting a spare!

Cole excited about HIS spare. :-)

Eating their dinner.  Delicious food.  Excellent memories!  

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