Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Brothers loving Little Brother

Jake and Cole have been doing excellent as Big Brothers.  They have paid enough attention to him - and loved on him the right amount ... without being overbearing about it.  I think it helps that they have each other to play with right now, too.  They've definitely done way better than I would have thought (especially Cole).  They sure do love Baby Chase .... but they could do without his crying at times.  My favorite is when he's crying in the van - and Jake and Cole are covering their ears in the back seat, but Jake is yelling up to me, "Mommy, can you turn up the music?  I can't hear it." :-)  Noise has now taken on a whole new meaning in my life.  

all packed in the swagger wagon :-)

Sticker FUN one morning in bed.  Jake had to make sure that Chase had one, too :-)

Chase playing his first board game.  Yes, I'm serious.  We obviously drew for him, but he had his own "man" and everything.  Jake takes his games seriously.  Chase came in 2nd. :-)

They LOVE to help "burp" him :-)  That is their favorite, I think.  

I wish I could remember what Jake was telling him in this picture, but he was talking to him about something ... it was sweet!

Some tummy time ... and Cole is burping him (no, he wasn't needing to be burped at the moment, but like I said ... Chase's big brothers LOVE burping him) :-)
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