Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chase Christopher Ashinhurst

Last Family Picture w/ just the "4 of us"

Chase Christopher Ashinhurst
May 30, 2012
8lbs 14 oz
22.5" long

Gotta love technology :-)

Just a few minutes old .... 

Chase and Daddy :-)

So awesome having Aunt Jul and Aunt Jenn there for it all!  

I love this picture :-)

Yay Aunt Jenn!!

Love Love!  

Chase with Daddy and Aunt Jenn

Aunt Katy brought the boys to visit the next day :-) 
(These pictures are now all out of order, but no time to change them) 

QT with Chase ... waiting and ready to leave the hospital

Mimi w/ Chase the night he was born .... 

Papa Dee holding Chase right after he was born :-)

Daddy taking a turn at feeding Chase

"Miss" Ashleigh and Regan came to visit.  How perfect that they were driving through mid-week ... and stayed at a hotel the night Chase was born and came to visit me first thing the next morning!  WAY special!  It really meant a lot to Chris and me.  I miss me some Ashleigh!!!  

The brothers arrive ... wearing their cool sunglasses "Miss" Ashleigh brought to them :-)

Proud Big Brother, holding Chase for the first time :-)

Cole getting a turn, too!

Not so sure about this .... 

Hmmm.  I think I like him :-)

So sweet :-)

Attempting a picture with Daddy and his boys before Jake and Cole left the hospital ... 

BUT ...

it wasn't really happening :-)  

So completely in love :-)

Gram coming to see Chase :-)

Aunt Becky, too!!  It was so nice having Chase in Virginia near family where they could all come and see him right after he was born :-)  

Flashing a smile at Gram ... 

Daddy telling Chase all about the rules to baseball.  Yes, this is a true story.  Chase looks pretty interested, too!  Such a good (and proud) Daddy!!  

Does it get any sweeter than this?!?!!!!

Aunt Jul back for more the next day :-)

Out of order ... but right after he was born.  

Daddy holding him for the first time!

Ready to bust out of this hospital :-)  BRING on my brothers, he is thinking!

First family picture of 5 :-)

Leaving the hospital :-)


Oh, so good to be home that evening!!!  
It's so nice to be on "this end" of pregnancy, labor, delivery :-)  I had such a great experience at Spotsylvania Hospital.  The nurses, doctors, techs - everyone was amazing!  It's always so good to be home, though - and after 15 hours of labor on pitocin .... it was so great to meet Baby Chase!
As I've mentioned before, I felt overwhelming blessed that Chris was here for Chase to be born.  It was an unexpected blessing - one I'm more thankful for than I could say.  It was also pretty special having Julianne and Jenn there.  May 30, 2012 will go down as one of the best days of my life.  I remember when I was pregnant with Cole wondering how I could ever love another baby as much as I loved Jake.  It was amazing how it happened, so... I wasn't worried about it this time - I was so excited.  And again ... it happened.  I'm humbled that the Lord would choose me to be the Mom to these 3 amazing little guys!
Thanks to all of you for your prayers, messages, encouragement, help, etc., throughout my pregnancy and labor and delivery.  I'm pretty sure the smile on my face these days can't get any bigger ....


Katherine said...

Congratulations! I had my daughter there last summer, phenomenal hospital!

Nancy said...

Allison-I am so sorry I missed your delivery and I am glad to read your experience at SRMC, a good one. Your family is precious. My best to your family.