Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who would have thought?

I was about to throw away the pampers box yesterday afternoon as Jake started to crawl towards it. He was enjoying just crawling/scooting around the box and laughing at the baby, and reaching for the sides of the box. SO, I had a brilliant idea (yes, brilliant)! I put him INSIDE the box!!! He fit perfectly! This presents many FUN opportunities, b/c first I gave him a little ride in this box by pulling on the sides, which he LOVED! After my back was tired from that, though.....he just enjoyed tearing up the box and feeling it - and making his own fun. I decided that really for Christmas - all Jake probably needs is different patterned wrapping paper wrapped in different shaped boxes, and he will be ALL set :-)
Also, you will notice that his eyes are shut in MOST of these pictures. Jake has now figured out WHEN the flash will go off, and ALWAYS closes his eyes. I finally got one with his eyes opened a the end of the "photo shoot", but it cracks me up, because for the past 4-5 days, he is ALWAYS closing his eyes for the camera.....instead of his usual posing ;-) Maybe he doesn't want to be a model after all?!


Jill and Scott said...

He is sooo cute! I love catching up on your blog! Hope you are doing well! :-)

Becky said...

Are you sure you have to take him to South Carolina with you???

Heather said...

That is great! My kids still like playing with boxes. they make things out of them. I never throw a box away before asking. It may be someones house or garage or spaceship or something!! :)