Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Toy

When Jake IS sitting still (which isn't often these days), he likes to play with his fun, new toy! I am so PROUD of myself for finding this toy, b/c it has the 3 major sports that Chris and I like: football, basketball, AND baseball. It is a true 3 in 1 toy :-) Jake likes to spin the football - and he loves holding the bat (he didn't let go of it the whole first day he got this toy)! Although, he likes to swing the baseball with his hand - instead of the bat. He can't quite "shoot" the basketball, but he can DUNK - and he loves that the toy CHEERS for him when he dunks the ball :-) I'm not sure who had more fun playing with this toy this past week - Jake or me.....but we sure did have lots of fun together!
On a side note - just because this is my blog, I have to say that this household is especially excited that the Redskins WON again today. However, I dressed Jake in his Eagles onesie and Redskins pants today for church (yep - I did just that), so.....I was keeping it fair and balanced ;-)

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