Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Journey Across Country

We are almost to CA. Tonight, we are in Flagstaff, AZ (about 5 hours from 29 Palms)! Here are some pictures of Jake of our adventurous week across country. We left on Tuesday ...... and actually had a close call on the road. To make a long story short, a car from the opposite side of the highway lost control, went on the median, and flipped RIGHT in front of our car. I had to slam on the brakes and swerve (luckily no one was in the left lane). As I was writing up the police report, they were cutting the guy out of the car. It was pretty scary, so thanks to everyone for their prayers for our safety!! We definitely have needed - and have felt them! AFTER that stressful day, we then visited family in Jackson and Memphis Tennessee. Then, we headed to Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, NM, and tonight Flagstaff, AZ. I have noticed many differences in our travels with a 9-month old as opposed to a 2-month old. First, when we drove to VA when Jake was 2 months old, he did great in the car but would CRY every night when we entered a new hotel. Now, he just flirts with the ladies at the desk......and anxiously awaits crawling and rolling all over the bed. Secondly, the 2-month old Jake just kind of chilled in his car seat.....the 9-month old Jake realizes what the belt buckle is - has noticed the red button and if he was a little stronger, would be out of his car seat. HOWEVER, still - not even 1 crying spell while we have been driving - pretty good, I think. The last HUGE difference is with the 2-month old Jake, I could just change his diaper on the back seat of the car.....not the 9-month old, SO - I have had to wait until we can find rest areas OR Cracker Barrels (love them) in order to change the diaper. OH, and Jake has had a record number of dirty diapers on this trip! Not because he is sick or anything....just because he knows when he starts grunting, we pull over to make sure whether or not his diaper is dirty (and he knows he gets out of the car seat then)!! It has been a really FUN week of traveling with Jake and Mimi, and we are looking forward to getting to CA tomorrow. OH......and you HAVE to love this weather out here!! Enjoy the pictures and videos.

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