Friday, October 31, 2008

Less than 24 Hours...

Gotta love the hair!!

We have less than 24 hours to go. Chris was originally supposed to get in at 1pm this afternoon, but he is getting in now at 1am tonight/tomorrow morning! BUT, we will take him getting home anytime they bring him :-) So, Jake and I are just hanging out and waiting......still playing with the laundry basket (I wonder when that will get old for him)?! We are planning to go with my friend Danika and her Kindergarten class to an animal farm today, so that will be FUN! Plus, at some point, Jake will get dressed up in his Halloween costume. We also need to make a quick stop to the commissary for some last minute things and we want to get the car washed, so we have lots to keep us busy today while waiting for Chris to get home (maybe it's good he's getting home at 1am instead of 1pm)! And just in case you've missed this sweet, little voice - here it is :-) Jake pulled up on the couch yesterday until he was standing, but I didn't have the camera in front of me, so I'll be looking for that to happen again soon.

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