Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Big Stuff"

Here is Jake just chillin in Panera a high chair. He's so old now (8 months) - and no longer that small, little baby :-) He was just sitting up at the table with Aunt Jenn and me, playing with a toy and pretending to be a part of the conversation.

He definitely thought he was "big stuff" ..... and he is :-)

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Jeremy, Carol, and Soren said...

Hi Allison -- I'm not sure if you remember me but we went to NSHS and Mt Ararat together. I found your blog from a link on Jill Brisken's page and have really enjoyed reading your blog. Jake is fantastic and so very adorable! I've actually got a son (Soren) just about the same age as him (he'll be 8 months on Tues) and it's really fun for us to watch videos together. You're welcome to check out our blog if you'd like, but I'd have to email you an invite b/c we've got it set as private. So if you're interested, just send me a quick note at
~ Carol (Way) Johnson