Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, remember at the beginning of football season how I wrote that the Redskins lost to the Giants, but the Eagles beat the Rams in their opener? Then, I went on to say I didn't even know the Rams still had a professional football team?! Yep, those words came back to bite me (they always do, don't they)?!

I really can't believe that my Skins lost to the Rams on Sunday. I haven't been able to write about it, b/c I have been so upset! How do the Redskins go into Dallas and go into Philly and beat both of those rival teams .... only to turn around and LOSE to the Rams at home! The only thing that makes this loss a little less painful is that both Dallas and the Giants lost, too. If only the Redskins could have won.....This picture of Jake and me was taken BEFORE the sad, sad game (that's why we were both happy). At the end of the game, we were both crying....neither one of us have gotten over it yet! Notice Jake's cute, new shoes, though! I feel like Jake looks months older just by putting on a cute pair of shoes. I haven't had him in shoes really at all, b/c it has been summer and there has been no need, but now - time to break out the shoes and socks (much to his dismay), but I just think they make him look so old!!


Ringmaster said...

I do believe that is the first picture ever that I have honestly thought that Jake looks like you Allison! LOVE the overalls by the way!!!!

Smith Family said...

Ouch - that was definitely a tough loss. But, very big of you to post about it anyway!:)