Friday, July 9, 2010

Shots from the Week

Jake is under there catching some Zzzz's....
He has been actually BUILDING with his blocks lately - making them into objects. Today, he kept making "daddy's house". He was so excited!!

Jake has been a little "under the weather" with some digestive issues since Wednesday. This picture is more of a reminder to ME (and too much information for the reader, I'm sure), BUT.... this is the pile of DIRTY diapers I changed Thursday alone! Some of these bags have 2-3 diapers in them :-) Between Wednesday and Thursday, I averaged that I changed about 30 DIRTY diapers! Yes, poor Jake was struggling, but he was doing much better today! Oh, the joys....
His smile/laughter is contagious.... just ask Cole :-)
Daddy feeding Cole - figured it needed to be documented, since he wasn't able to with Jake!

Cole loves him some Daddy!!!!!!

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