Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ABCs and 123s...

We will get to the educational part of this blog in the video below, but I had to post this OH SO CUTE and HANDSOME picture of Cole, b/c I can't get enough of him!! People say that you don't take as many pictures of your 2nd child, and I can see how that happens. I thought it was because maybe you feel like "been there done that", but each new thing is SO DIFFERENT with each child - and I want it all documented and etched in my memory forever (in fact, I'd really like to bottle it up....is that possible)! The hard part with taking pictures of your 2nd child is there just aren't ENOUGH HANDS!!! However, I've tried to break the cycle .... and take lots of pictures of Cole, too - and with this infectious smile - how can I not bust out the camera like every minute?!?!

Here is my other equally CUTE AND HANDSOME child :-) While Cole is busy sitting up and crawling and pulling up .... and constantly bumping his head on things, Jake is getting all educational on me (well, Mommy and Daddy are helping him a little, too)!! Here he is singing his ABCs (in case you can't tell, which it may be hard to) - and then counting to 15 (well, 14 .... and then he keeps saying 14 over and over)!! Both of these boys are at such fun and exciting stages of life - and it's so amazing to watch them learn new things EACH DAY!!

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Kate said...

It was so fun to come home today to all these posts!!! I miss you guys so much! The boys have grown so much in just the last 10 days : ) Hopefully I will see you soon!!