Friday, July 9, 2010

I Can't Blink, because ....

if I do, I will miss something! Wednesday, Cole decided crawling wasn't enough - and that he needed to start sitting up ALL on his own, too. Please Cole ... any other milestones this week?!
Finding the toy he wants....
Nap time was a little more challenging, b/c he was so proud of himself, so I would walk in his room, and he would just be sitting up smiling at me!! It melted my heart, of course! I love how he just smiles all big (see pictures below) - and I can tell he has a sense of accomplishment. It's really, really awesome! AND... even though I wasn't expecting all of this to happen so soon, it is so much FUN to watch!
I guess sitting up wasn't enough, either .... that he decided to TRY and start pulling himself up! He isn't quite there yet, but not for lack of spending hours upon hours the past couple of days trying (which means I'm spending hours upon hours picking him up from his falls).

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