Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

The weather on the 4th was AMAZING! It was truly a perfect day! Chris had to go into work around 7:30am (much to Jake's dismay), so Jake, Cole, and I were in the back yard playing baseball before 8:00am, but it was BEAUTIFUL!! Nothing like a little baseball to start of a FUN day of celebrating our freedom!
Jake hitting the ball .....
and then of course running the bases!
We went to 2 BBQs - such fun! This was the dessert I made for the first one - not too bad for my first attempt. I know some changes I will make next time, though .....
and this is dessert #2. This is super simple. I made rice krispy treats and then used my star cookie cutter - and then just outlined them in red, white, and blue icing. They were especially a hit with the kids!
Hanging out at the Everett's house before the fireworks. This is Jake's friend Paige.
Cole on his first 4th of July!
Jake with a juice box on the laptop :-)
Paige playing with Cole....

The guys playing some hardcore wii.
Jake and Paige
The view before the fireworks....
Our friends Jon and Bethany
and Steven and Valerie .... (Elise was at home sleeping with her grandma)
Paige waiting for the fireworks....
My boys all waiting, too .... and waiting and waiting.....
Quick family picture :-)
Hard to get everyone to look at the same time!
Good view. Jake fell asleep during the beginning of them - he was exhausted, b/c between the drive-in the night before and 2 BBQs on Sunday - he had played hard, so I wasn't surprised he passed out, BUT he woke up for the finale and was like, "Woooow!!!!!" He was so excited about them - and talked about fireworks all day today. I wish he had been able to stay awake, because Chris and I were saying during the fireworks how much Jake would have been loving them! Cole, of course, passed out before the fireworks started on my lap - and didn't budge the whole time :-) We had a really great day with friends .... and I am so proud to be an American and so thankful for all of those, past and present, who fought/fight to keep this country free!!

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