Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, it's now official .... Cole has been pulling himself up today - all on his own! He isn't too steady yet (understandable), but he IS doing it. Beware of this first video .... it was the FIRST time he pulled himself up all on his own - and instead of "spotting" him like I should've been, I had to grab the camera - and he took a hard fall :-( So, it's pretty painful to watch (warning to the grandmothers and aunts)! Of course while Cole was screaming his lungs out, Jake was going, "my turn" and trying to fall down, too. I guess it's that sudden reaction that Jake likes... not quite sure, but it was a little bit of comic relief during my sadness for Cole's fall. The second video is much easier to watch, though!

Cole pulling up #1

Cole pulling up #2

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