Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4th Weekend.

We had a busy and FUN 4th of July weekend. It's starting to become one of my favorite holidays (Christmas will always be my favorite), but 4th of July is creeping up there. We started the weekend off by spending the night at my cousin Heather's house. She has 4 wonderful kids ... and we had such a great time!
This was when the kids were playing with colored bubbles, which became colored paint. Oh, they had so much fun!!

Maddy with Cole.
Jake and Kyle.
We went to the park one day .... beautiful!
The kids playing on the playground.

Daddy and Cole ....

Emma, Kyle, Ethan, and Maddy!
Family picture time ....

Group picture time. Take 1 ....
Take 2 ....
Take 3 ....
Funny faces!
Trying to get Cole in the picture ....
BUT he isn't having it :-)
Beautiful :-)
Jake helping me make sprinkled 4th of July pretzels and star-shaped rice krispy treats for our 4th of July BBQ ....

Cole trying to help, too!

FIREWORKS!! Both boys loved it!

Finger painting on the 4th of July morning.

Cole, of course, had to taste it :-)

Eating yummy 4th of July strawberries!

Oh, yum!!
Our 4th of July meal (we did our BBQ with our friends on the 2nd).
We had BBQ sundaes, fried pickles, green beans, potato casserole, strawberries. Mmmm.
PASSED out after a FUN weekend!
My sweet boys :-)

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Ashleigh Paxton said...

um, my mouth is watering from all the 4th of july deliciousness i'm seeing! next year, 4th of july with the paxtons!!