Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This past Saturday, we spent the day in Hotlanta - except we lucked out and it wasn't that HOT! It actually was pretty nice, comparatively speaking :-) We met our friends, the Thompsons, downtown for a day of fun. We had a great time in Atlanta - and since it's only a little over an hour away, I foresee several trips there in the next 3 months.
We started out at the CNN center for lunch. Amazing food court!

and even a Starbucks - score! (believe it or not, though, I didn't get any coffee)

Then, we walked to Centennial Park. Great times there! So much to do .... playgrounds, lots of running space, spray fountains, etc.
We headed over to the aquarium, but unfortunately, it was about a 2 hour wait to get in, so we ended up skipping out on that and playing on the playground in Centennial Park for a little while before heading to Stone Mountain for the evening festivities.
Jake LOVED this "bumpity" slide!!

Cole and Elise :-)
Our daredevil :-) This slide was pretty fast, actually!

Jake was mixing it up ....
There goes Elise ...

Chris as the "spotter" :-)
Cole LOVES it!
GA Tech ...
Olympic Torch ....
After downtown, we headed to Stone Mountain Park (if you have a chance, visit! Way cool)!!
Jake was so excited to see Elise .... he was so excited to see a familiar friend!! I think it made me realize how much he has really missed his friends we were so used to seeing on a regular basis!
Heading up Stone Mountain! Jake was all about riding the red car :-)
Carved on the side of the mountain: Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, and Robert E. Lee
Jake and Daddy on the tram ... trying to figure it all out :-)
Beautiful views....

Trying for a family picture (Cole getting funny face ideas) ....
Jake is definitely at "that age" :-)
Much better :-) I'll take it!
Atlanta skyline

Steven and Chris with the kids ....

Sweet thing!
Trying for a group picture .... Take #1
Take #2
Take #3

Setting up our blanket for our picnic and light show once dark (sooooo cool)!!
Our family ... on the train.
The Thompsons

Getting more and more crowded.
Bubbles while waiting for dark ....

Reading ....
Killing time until dark. The light show with fireworks was SO cool!! We'd love to even see it again. It was great!! Fun, Fun, Fun weekend!!!


Ashleigh Paxton said...

this looked like so much fun!! i spotted a chick-fil-a AND starbucks at the cnn food court...nice work. Oh, and that slide cole was going down looks super steep and slippy! he's so brave haha!!

Allison Ashinhurst said...

there was a Moe's, too!!!!!!! :-)